Are You Ready For Your Inspection – Revised Edition

Are You Ready For Your Inspection?


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Vanessa Dooley is an independent Early Years trainer and consultant who specialises in delivering training to child care settings.  She has previously worked as a Group Manager of 7 Early Years settings, an Assessor, a Foundation Degree Tutor as well as an Early Years Inspector. She has a wealth of experience in Early Years and her passion is displayed in her training and in her writing.

Vanessa strives to ensure practitioners are confident in their skills and knowledge to be confident in an Early Years Inspection.

She contributes to EYE and has had her training documented and become an Award Winner of Nursery World.

This book has been written for all Early Years practitioners with a responsibility of improving outcomes for children.

It provides you with the tools to be able to motivate yourself and your staff team to evaluate and improve on your practice.

This will enable you to demonstrate IMPACT during your OfSTED inspection and deliver OUTSTANDING practice consistently.


Vanessa has an eye for detail and has a vast amount of experience in this field.  This book is an essential guide to help you show IMPACT in your setting and achieve outstanding results.

Wendy Hamley Courtmoor & Crookham Sunshine's Community Preschools
Wendy Hamley

Vanessa offers her wisdom, guidance, support and encouragement to all of us who strive to provide outstanding experiences for the children we care for and educate in Early Years settings. This very practical and engaging book is grounded in Vanessa’s extensive knowledge, practice and experience, gained through her career as manager inspector, trainer and consultant.

David & Anna Wright Paint Pots Nursery
David & Anna Wright

This book is a must-have for all settings! Written by a former OfSTED Inspector, the insider perspective in this practical guide is invaluable.  Vanessa tells you all you need to know, to achieve excellent outcomes for every child.

Mine Conkbayir Award Winning Author and Trainer
Mine Conkbayir