As a nursery owner, it can be an ongoing challenge to maintain staff motivation and many had commented that they had become overwhelmed by the increasing demands and ever-moving goalposts within the industry. We had a disappointing OFSTED inspection in 2018 and while I had full confidence in my management team, I felt that their passion and good practise didn’t filter right through to every member of staff. 

We enlisted the help of Vanessa and signed up for the ‘Just Quality’ accreditation.
I can wholeheartedly say that it was the best business decision I had made to date. I believe we already had some strong foundations to work from but taking on Vanessa’s advice allowed us to gain clarity on what needed to change, fully understand why it was necessary and how we could achieve it. 

The floor books are a fantastic tool to demonstrate how our thought processes evolve and how we continually reflect on our practice. All delivered in a clear and digestible format that serves to inspire and motivate the staff. As a result, my entire team has united, striving toward a common goal. It really was a pleasure to see.

Happily, in our latest inspection, we achieved ‘Outstanding’ and the inspector praised the staff for their knowledge, confidence and tangible passion.

I have no doubt that Vanessa’s support has been paramount in this phenomenal achievement.