Jane Broughton
Manager of Tinkerbells Bridgeinn Day Nursery, Preston, Lancashire

Vanessa spent a full day at our nursery and I can honestly say it was the most interesting, beneficial experience we have ever had. Vanessa has to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals within the early year’s sector I have ever met. She simply oozes with passion and to quote Vanessa herself, she very definitely has ‘fire in her belly’ for everything early years.
We gained so much from Vanessa’s visit, she gave us lots of useful pointers and ideas to enable us to further improve some areas of our practice. Most importantly for us though, she boosted our confidence in the work that we have been doing surrounding loose parts and evolving our learning environments to continue to inspire our children’s natural curiosity.
Thank you so much, Vanessa, spending a day in your company was for all of us truly inspiring.