I wanted to share our experience since we’ve signed up with the #justquality accredited award. 

Following an OFSTED inspection that graded our setting as requires improvement, we recognised that we needed to show impact going forward. For us, it was all about how can we really show OFSTED what we know we already do well. 

I started with a development plan for the recommendations we needed to cover. This is where #justquality has really helped. It’s encouraged us to look at the 6 impacts that basically cover amazing practice. We’ve started with the OFSTED report and then began to work through the specification. 

The floor books are the best way of showing our journey. They allow us to be creative while gaining clarity around the changes we’ve made. It’s a whole team effort which has helped to pull everyone together. The staff have said that the floor books encourage us to revisit changes and evaluate if they’re still working for us. 

Vanessa’s support during this time has been invaluable. Her passion is so inspiring, it has rubbed off on the staff they all want to impress her and show impact. The stickers in the floor books give us a clear idea of how each development plan meets the specification. This really has shown us that what we do is offer the children in our care the best experience, preparing them for a future of learning. It’s given the staff the confidence that when an OFSTED inspector comes into the setting, we have to be brave and show them we’re amazing. 

Incidentally, we have now had our latest visit within the last two weeks. I can happily say that we excelled and have been graded outstanding in all areas. During the feedback, the inspector actually commented that she’d love her grandchildren to attend. 

We now look forward to finishing the accreditation and wowing Vanessa in her last visit, showing just how far we’ve come.